First licensed in 1956 as KN2TNI in White Plains, NY. Received my General class license callsign K2TNI in 1957. When the family moved to West Hollywood, FL in the late 50s I received the callsign W4IPT which I kept unti returning to New York about 1964, after a 3 year enlistment in the U.S. Army. I regained my K2TNI call and held it until 1977 when I received my present call, N4JR. At various times during my working career with the U.S. Govt I held callsigns JY9JR, G5DZZ and was guest operator at several stations including TJ1BB, DU1DCC, HK3DDQ and 5B4ES while posted abroad with the U.S State Dept. Now retired and living in northeast Alabama, on the banks of the Tennessee River. I am QSL manager for several staitons, including: YN1PCC, VU2ISV, YB0ATA, XU2FB, XUF2B, 5B4AGI, OD5RY, OD/N4ISV, ON9CPI, S9SS AND S9YL. Presently active on most HF bands, both mobile and fixed.