John Devoldere, ON4UN

will need no introduction to those who are active on the low bands or in contesting, where his station is often activated using the callsign OTxT. John holds an engineering degree in electronics, and took early retirement in 1996 after a 30 year career with a major telecommunications company, where he held various management position. A ham for about 40 years, John also holds an Extra Class licence in the USA (AA4OI). ON4UN is actively involved in Amateur Radio society matters, and serves as president of the UBA, the Belgian IARU member-society.

Aside from being active on the DX scene on the low (as well as others) bands, John and his station are very active in international DX contesting. John feels that contest are the place where you can find out how good your station (antenna) really is. John holds range of prestigious contest awards and plaques, including a group of "winner" plaques for CQ 160-meter DX (CW) contests, ARRL 80-meter contests and various other CQWW (Phone and CW) contest.

John's station is operated as a club station during international contests; dozens of guest operations from all over the word have operated from this his station during these contests. Elected to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 1997, John is, above all, a very keen CW and contest operator.

On 160 meters John has worked more than 292 countries and has the highest country score outside the USA. On Top Band, John also holds the prestigious WAZ (award #3), as well as WAS, which is certainly not easy from Europe. On 80 meters, ON4UN has 352 confirmed countries (all-time) and heads the DXCC listing worldwide. He also holds 80-meter DXCC #1.

Tese outstanding results are certainly not the results of pure luck. They are brought about by a professional approach, which John shares with readers of this new book (ON4UN's Low-Band DXing). Being retired now, John had the opportunity to spend more than 1000 hours over a one-year period rewriting ON4UN's Low-Band DXing, known far and wide as the "low-banders's bible."

WRTC 2000, Bled Slovenia

ON4UN with the Belgian team (ON4WW and ON6TT) who won the SSB QSO trophy, and with RV1AW and RA3AUU,who ended up overall second and also won the multiplier trophy.All four have operated from ON4UNís contest station on several occasions (Arno only once, but he was part of the Russian team who won the 1996 CQ WW CW contest MS as OT6T)

WRTC 2002 Helsinki, Finland

ON4UN with WRTC 2002 #2 and #3 teams. Three of those 4 ops have operated from OTxT, and Harry as well as Frank operate several contest a year from my place. I am proud John says, too bad neither one did win.