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S50U audio files :

21. Dec. 2008: Dave Anderson, K4SV from Tryon, NC made recording on me from today while I was CQ-ing on 1833,5 kHz. "Some QSB here but overall good condx between us" he said.

26. Apr. 2006: YX0A, Aves Island. YX0LIX had some QSB but up to 599 +10dB on 160m. Memorial call sign was adopted on Joe's YV5LIX death on the tiny Caribbean island April 21 during DXPedition. He was well known 160m operator.

21. Apr. 2006: Andaman Island on 160/80m. Two DL's Sigi, DL7DF as VU4AN/VU3RYB on 80m and few minutes latter Joe, DK5WL as VU4AN/VU3RYC on 160m was worked.

5. Feb. 2006: Wow ... what a night, weekend. WAS 160m (First S5) was finished with Walt, W7SE from Wyoming as last State. Propo wasn't ideal but Texas was very loud. Dave's W5UN new 4 sq. works flawless. He was 25dB over S9 around SR here.

4. Feb. 2006: Dennis, NT0V gave me North Dakota on 160m and one more to go (WY). I had big JA pileup in the evening with VK6IP and Mirek, VK6DXI who says: You had an outstanding signal on 160m last night. Conditions were rather poor, but you still managed to bend my S meter needle. When I gave you RST 599, you sort of did not believe me. If you are on broadband internet, I will send you an wav file with a recording of the QSO...How about that as a proof of a solid 599 report? Listen to S50U & VK6DXI QSO recorded by Mirek QTH 50 km near Perth, Austalia.

11. Jan. 2006: HL3IUA, VQ9LA both full scale on 160m. Charles, S9SS was on 1.836 running states. It's bad freq. in EU with strong carrier as 2nd BC harmonic 918 kHz 300kW of radio Ljubljana (S5). Playing with the buttons on my FT1000MP help somehow.

26 Dec. 2005: 80m: Tree N6TR/7 was loud 599+20dB 30 min. past SR here on 80m with his 4sq. Seems as pipeline between as.

26/27 Nov. 2005: CQWW CW: K5ZD 40 & 160m QSO recorded by Randy Thompson, K5ZD.
Find more audio clips on Randy's Contest Audio Live page !
QSO:7017 CW 2005-11-26 0630 K5ZD 599 05 S50U 599 15
QSO:1813 CW
2005-11-27 0234 K5ZD 599 05 S50U 599 15

27 Nov. 2005 CQWW CW:
160m: PJ2T, P40W & EU blind calling, HC8N

19/20 Nov. 2005: 3B8 Dxcc: 273 (Mauritius-3B8) by Slovakia, OM friends
1.823,5 CW CQ CQ DE 3B8/OM5RW ... Miro was simplex first when he logged me S50U than he start running split (alphabetic selection) : 5Z4DZ, DJ7MI, IK4WMA, LA2GH, LY3UM, S50A, S54E, UR0MC, UR5ZD, UR6QA .....


  • 21.Mar.2005 20:08 GMT 160m 4M7XFT5XO (Kerguelen Is.* recorded by John, ON4UN)

  • 27.Nov.1999 02:50 GMT 160m 4M7X4M7X (Venezuela)
  • 28.Nov.1999 21:38 GMT 160m 9G5AA9G5AA (Ghana)
  • 28.Nov.1999 21:45 GMT 160m A61AJA61AJ (Un.Arab Emirates)
  • 27.Nov.1999 23:26 GMT 160m E4/S53RE4/S53R (Palestine)
  • 28.Nov.1999 03:22 GMT 160m HC8NHC8N (Galapagos. Is.)
  • 27.Nov.1999 16:56 GMT 160m HZ1ABHZ1AB (Saudi Arabia)
  • 27.Nov.1999 04:00 GMT 160m OH0ZOH0Z (Aland Is.)
  • 27.Nov.1999 03:56 GMT 160m PJ4BPJ4B (Neth. Antilles)
  • 28.Nov.1999  EU PILE    160m VK6HDVK6HD (Australia)
  • 27.Nov.1999 00:35 GMT 160m ZA/S51FZA/S51F (Albania)
  • 27.Nov.1999 02:25 GMT 160m K1EOK1EO (USA - MA)
  • 27.Nov.1999 02:52 GMT 160m K4RXK4RX (USA - FL)
  • 27.Nov.1999 02:42 GMT 160m K9NSK9NS (USA - IL)
  • 27.Nov.1999 01:12 GMT 160m KC1XXKC1XX (USA - NH)
  • 28.Nov.1999 03:41 GMT 160m KX4RKX4R (USA - GA)
  • 28.Nov.1999 03:46 GMT 160m N1EUN1EU (USA - NY)
  • 27.Nov.1999 02:13 GMT 160m W4MYAW4MYA (USA - VA)

S50U SSB files :

  • 29.Mar.1998 09:57 GMT 15m6V1C6V1C (Senegal)
    29.Mar.1998 10:04 GMT 15mTT8JETT8JE (Chad)
    31.Oct.1999 17:20 GMT 15mCONTEST SSBCONTEST (CQWW 1999)
    31.Oct.1999 17:55 GMT 15m


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